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Mechanization - Kenosis (2011)
Track #
Track Title
Mechanization - Kenosis (2011)
Approaching The Spectre's Emblem
The Return
Burning Shadows
The Šest
Skeletons At The Banquet
In The Face Of Discord
Medieval War Song
Entering The Shed Of Fire, And Taming The Serpent
Perilous Legacy
Boiling Point
Disemboweled By The Dragon's Talon
Ripping The Tusk From The Head Of The Mammoth

Press Release: Mechanization Announces "Kenosis"

Returning from three years in the dungeon, Mechanization releases their second full-length album “Kenosis” which blasts to the core of all that is Mechanization. Whereas their first album “Holon” was an experimental voyage, “Kenosis” is a sledgehammer to the collective spine of mankind. Quite simply put: It’s a heavy metal champagne jam, and the world is invited to partake in the destruction. Every song was intentionally designed to split heads and crush souls. With tracks such as “Entering the Shed of Fire, and Taming the Serpent,” “Medieval War Song,” and “Ripping the Tusk from the Head of the Mammoth,” you can easily see that Mechanization holds nothing back and delivers the uranium (that’s the heaviest metal in the world for you Bieber and Gaga fans). Terrorence’s vicious growls, HMT’s shredding riffs, and technology’s relentless groove deliver one sonic punch to the sternum after another. The forces beckoned to create this masterpiece are so brutal that legions of robotic dragons couldn’t stop the impending impact that all shall witness. Alas, words about “Kenosis” are the same as words about love, sex, and war--meaningless compared to the actual experience. So grab yourself an axe and a taco because the world as you know it will never be the same.

Kenosis Credits:

Produced by: Terrorence
Engineered by: Terrorence
Mixed by: Terrorence
Mastered by: Dan Swanö

Recorded at The Terrordome, North County San Diego, CA
Mastered at Unisound, Örebro, Sweden