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Mechanization - Mechanization (2019)
Track #
Track Title
Mechanization - Mechanization (2019)
Ch. 1: The Eye
Ch. 2: Departure
Ch. 3: The Prophecy
Ch. 4: World on Fire
Ch. 5: From Life to Bondage
Ch. 6: Crack Their Bones
Ch. 7: The Cost of Suffering
Ch. 8: Death Returned

Press Release: Mechanization Announces Epic Self-Titled Album “Mechanization”

Welcome to the unbridled bastard that is Mechanization's sixth album—their self-titled masterpiece "MECHANIZATION".

Forged and crafted in the depths of space and time, this album represents everything Mechanization has ever hoped to become. Guided and inspired by melodic death metal and the outer reaches of science fiction, "Mechanization" weaves a euphorically haunting tale of exploration, tragedy and redemption.

Found within this blistering 45-minute journey is a coherent, determined, and melody-rich vision capable of making the driest of orifices gush like a Nordic stream. Each of the eight tracks on “Mechanization” addictively meld into each other, stirring all idle blood and compelling the inner metal sleeper to awaken.

Every composition, riff, and vocal was carefully considered and masterfully executed. No throwaway tracks, no wasted time, and definitely no filler. Anything less than metal perfection would not stand on this album. Because he who controls the metal, controls the universe.

Submit your consciousness to be expanded as your ears get pummeled. Witness the Mechanization prophecy unfold.

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Mechanization Credits:

Produced by: Terrorence
Engineered by: Terrorence
Mixed by: Terrorence
Mastered by: Dan Swanö

Recorded at The Terrordome, San Diego, CA
Mastered at Unisound, Finspång, Sweden