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Mechanization - The Willful Demise (2018)
Track #
Track Title
Mechanization - The Willful Demise (2018)
Throne Upon
Trash People
Empty Forever
Force Fed Life
What Death Demands
Two To One
Burn In The Fire
The Rapture Dies
Into The Mausoleum
No God Will Undo

Press Release: Mechanization Announces "The Willful Demise"

The COLOSSAL 5th album from San Diego’s majestic metal warriors MECHANIZATION has landed!

Conceived and produced over several easy-goin’ smooth-ass months of 73-degree weather, these latest 10 jams from the band see the lads further honing their specific tastes and juicy desires.

Surely made for no one other than themselves, Terrorence and the guitarist carve out their own dead moose and live inside the decrepit carcass from start to finish.

You get everything you ever asked for in this masterpiece. You get them speedy riffs, the chunky-chunks, the obligatory yet mysteriously addicting double-bass rhythm section, the death metal roars and the sense that these anti-musicians just may have constructed their best album in the band’s almost 20-year history.

“The Willful Demise” shines a light on the piece of crap that this world has become, or more accurately...it highlights the proper mindset to look at the disappointment of society and still rage and conquer all.

Friends—We are among trash people… a whole lot of ‘em. They need metal… MECHANIZATION’s metal.

So join the boys and take the #mechanizationchallenge. IT'S EASY! Blast this album for your significant other or children, notice the scornful smirk on their face, and respond with, “YOU DON'T OWN ME! ONLY THE DARK LORD GUIDES ME!!!” And then feel free to put back on Cardi B or whatever whack-ass EDM DJ garbage people listen to these days.

The Willful Demise Credits:

Produced by: Terrorence
Engineered by: Terrorence
Mixed by: Terrorence
Mastered by: Dan Swanö

Recorded at The Terrordome, San Diego, CA
Mastered at Unisound, Finspång, Sweden